Matt McKeon

Head Chef

Matt is just plain addicted to cooking people delicious food (we know he secretly loves the opportunity to flex). He brings an incredible 16 years of breadth & depth of experience to the Durango Catering Co. team! He's done it all—from line cook, to sous chef, to weddings, catering, to starting his own restaurant—IS THERE ANYTHING THIS MAN CAN'T DO? Turns out, yes: he's unstoppable—as in he literally can't stop himself.

Once the grills are off and the only light left in the kitchen is the pilot lights, Matt indulges in mother nature's bounty: fresh pow, rugged trails, country cabins, and white water. 

If you ever catch him at an event, tempt him from the stovetops by talking in earshot about the latest gear, avy conditions, international cuisine, or CFS.