Your Questions Answered

See some of our clients most frequently asked questions and get the answers you’re looking for today!

Can you accommodate dietary specializations?


We pride ourselves in working with our clients to design a menu that will delight and satisfy all their guests. It is our priority to gather as much information about dietary needs such as allergens, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and more!

What size events do you serve?

We have the experience, expertise and staff to handle parties—big and small—from large weddings and corporate events to backyard bashes and office meetings. Depending on our availability, we love catering more intimate events when we can. They are often some of the most memorable for us, too!

I'm not in the Durango area, can I still book with Durango Catering Co?

We love a good excuse to get out of town and stretch our legs a bit. Give us a call to ask about our availability and share some of the logistics of your event.

Do you have a staff of waiters and bartenders to serve at events?


Whether it is a formal plated meal, family-style dining or a buffet, we have a team of qualified service staff to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Do you deliver catering orders?

Yes, depending on our availability. We have a small $25 delivery fee.

Can I rent a tent, tables and chairs for my event through you?


Plus, we also offer the option to rent glassware, China, silverware and linens.

Can I order non-alcoholic drinks through you for our catered business meeting?


Can you make my momo's famous spaghetti sauce?

What a privilege! It would be our pleasure. Bring us the recipe and we'll scale it to WOW!

Do you make desserts, too?

Only if you share...just kidding...kind of. Yes! Some of our favorites include: tiramisu, baklava, chocolate molten lava cake and cannoli. But, we are willing and able to treat the most demanding sweet tooth.

I saw you had a food truck. Is that available for private parties?

We're glad you asked! Our food carts and pop-ups can be rented out for private parties and events, including weddings, rehearsal dinners and after-parties. We also love to get some dancing in while slinging our high-quality organic, grass-fed, cage-free, antibiotic-free burgers at festivals!

How many guests do I need to be eligible for a buffet catering package?

Bring us 25 people or more and we'll bring the spread you've been waiting for!


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