Blake Keys

Owner & Director of Operations

Blake has more than 9 years of high-end catering experience creating some of the most high-profile events for top-tier companies in the Bay Area, where he was born & raised. He's called Durango home for nearly 5 years and has since fallen in love all the Durango area has to offer. When he's not taking care of our clients, Blake loves to get his sets in at the gym, set a new PR on his mountain bike, jump in the river for a cold plunge, and level-out with some meditation. 

He is incredibly passionate about everything he does and that shines through in his client care! Durango Catering Co. has heard time and again, "Every time we get off the phone with other caterers, we kept saying, 'We want Blake!" He truly cares about offering our clients the very best experience, fulfilling all their needs, and finding every way possible to say, "Yes!"

Go straight for his weak spot and strike-up a conversation about personal growth, diet & exercise, your latest dream business venture, or challenge him to a race (literally any kind).